Easy Way to Connect any Wireless Earphone to a Laptop/MacBook

You can connect your wireless earphone to your laptop and enjoy movies, music, or gaming. Most of the laptops come with Built-in Bluetooth which makes it very easy for you to connect your device.

Today in this blog post we will get to know How to connect wireless headphone to a windows laptop and MacBook

Before you start connecting make sure these points are checked

  • Your wireless earphone supports a Laptop connection, you can do so by checking the product description or check the official website
  • Make sure your wireless earphone is not connected with any other device like your mobile to TV because most of the wireless earphones don’t support a multi-point connection.
  • Keep Your wireless earphone close to your laptop, some wireless earphones have a low Bluetooth range.

Steps to connect your Bluetooth earphone to a laptop/PC

How to connect your wireless earphone to Windows 10

  1. The first step is to go to the windows setting, the simple way to do it is by clicking on the windows or start button on the bottom right corner or simply you can search for setting in the windows search bar
  2. Once you are in the settings window, then you have to click on the devices, and in the devices window, you have to make sure that your Bluetooth is on, if not you can simply turn it on by clicking on the button.
  3. The 3rd step is the most important step, you have to make sure that your wireless earphone is on discoverable mode or pairing mode, you can read the booklet to know how to make your device discoverable.
  4. In the Audio section, you will find your wireless earphone’s name, click on your earphone and click on connect button to connect your wireless earphone.

How to connect wireless earphone with any version windows

The easiest way to connect your Bluetooth earphone is by searching for Bluetooth in the windows search box then Open Bluetooth > Set your earphone in Pairing mode > Select your wireless earphone and connect.

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Steps to Connect your Wireless Earphone with MacBook

  1. Click on the Apple icon
  2. Go to System preferences
  3. In the System Preferences window click on the Bluetooth Option
  4. By default, your Bluetooth option will be turned off, so you will have to turn on the Bluetooth by clicking on Turn on Bluetooth
  5. Make sure your wireless earphone is on pairing mode or discoverable mode, Learn to do so by reading product description or by reading on their official website.
  6. Once your wireless earphone is visible, select it and click on connect.

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Common Issues while connecting your wireless earphone and how to fix them

There are some issues which you may face while connecting your Bluetooth headphone. Try these following methods to fix them.

  • Restart your laptop and try again or,
  • Factory reset your wireless headphone or,
  • Restart your wireless earphone and then try again or,
  • Disconnect any other device that may be connected to your wireless earphone or,
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your mobile to make sure it doesn’t automatically connect to your mobile first.


So this is how you can connect your wireless headset to your MacBook or your windows laptop.

Hope you like this article and make sure to read our other blog posts if you are looking to buy wireless earphones that are worth your money.

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