How to Pair Left and Right Earbuds Together

A common issue that people face with wireless earbuds is that sometimes only earbud works at a time and the other one doesn’t seem to work.

So, Before we address the issues its important for you to understand how these earbuds work.

Whenever you take out the earbuds from your case, only one earbud is connected with your device and the other one is paired with your current earbud (which is already connected with your device) and sometimes this leads to the issue of only one earbud working.

But Luckily we have a simple solution for this.

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Steps to connect both earbuds at the same time

Method 1

Sometimes your earbuds need a restart to work properly, you can restart your earbuds by holding down the earbud button for few seconds or you can refer to the user manual and figure out how your earbud powers off.

Method 2

Most of the time your earbuds don’t work because they have some technical glitch and that’s why you need to factory reset your earbuds.

Simple way to factory reset

  1. Switch off and disconnect your earbuds from any device.
  2. Put the earbuds in your charging case and tap three times on your earbuds at the same time ( some earbuds may have different ways to factory reset, you need to check that on their website or product manual)
  3. Once the factory reset is done, you can connect them again with your device and enjoy.

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How to keep your earbuds safe

Its important to take care of your earbuds even if they promise to be durable and strong. Here are few things you should keep in mind while using your earbuds

  1. Don’t use your earbuds in high-pressure water even if they are water-resistant because they are only resistant to water to some point or pressure.
  2. Use the right charging cable with the appropriate charging pin, don’t use chargers that are damaged as that can lead to a short circuit and damage your earbuds
  3. Don’t keep wet earbuds in your charging case, right after workout or jogging if your earbuds are sweating, keep them somewhere they can get dry and only then put them back in your charging case.
  4. Before running or workout make sure your earbuds are securely fit in your ears so that they don’t fall and break, to do that use the appropriate ear hooks for a strong grip.
  5. While travelling always carry your charging case with you, because the charging case is the only place where your earbuds can be safe.
  6. Keep your earbuds aways for heat like a heater, burning stove because these may damage your earbuds.

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These are the two ways, you can use to solve and make both earbuds work at the same time, if these methods are not working for you, then you may need to consult customer care and ask them about the issue.

Make sure to keep take care of your earbuds so that they can last long.

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